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All    About    Me

I was born in a small town in western michigan in the summer of '82.

I have four brothers.

My hobbies are: Guitars, Computers, Music, and Cars

I'm currently pursuing a Drafting degree at a local community college. I am 6 feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. Not really good looking I'd say but Im very self-critical. Nag Champa incense absolutely rules. I burnt it in my car once, got the old-person smell out of it.
I also compose music and poetry in my spare time. I've been playing guitar for almost three years. I have one guitar: an Ibanez PF10 Acoustic. It's a good guitar. Great sound.

I work on a Gateway 2000 P5-200MMX with 32 Megs of NVRAM(Non-Volatile Random Access Memory, information can be retrieved from it even after the computer is turned off.

I like Ravi Shankar, The Cranberries, Creed, Eric Clapton/Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Rob/White Zombie, Megadeth, Metallica, Marylin Manson, Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne, Motorhead, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Lorena McKennitt, Aerosmith and lots of other stuff I can't think of right now.

I'm really into cars even though I don't know much about them. My first car was an '85 Olds Delta. I hogged gas really bad and it weighed a ton (literally!) Piece of crap it was, really. But you know how the kid always gets the crappiest car in the family. I now drive an '88 Chrysler New Yorker. It's very nice and only has 70000 on it because it was my grandma's and she didn't drive it very much.

Stuff that I Hate and What Annoys Me:

1. Gay guys that mention that they're gay every five seconds.
2. People who think the world's going to end because of Y2K.
3. People who make money off the people who think the world's going to end because of Y2K.
4. People over 15 who like Hanson.
5. The police (not the group, law enforcement officers).
6. Traffic Jams.
7. The crappy peanut butter/jelly mix at school lunch rooms.
8. Slow computers.
9. C++ programming.
10. Trigonometry.
11. Posers.
12. Wife Beaters.

Stuff that Scares Me:

1. The teletubbies.
2. The KKK.
3. Jerry Falwell.
4. Ross Perot.
5. The UN.
6. Furbys.
7. Circus People (Carnie's).
8. Heights.
9. Being Buried Alive.
10. Some of the Dreams I have.

My CD and Tape Collection

T=Tape, C=CD
1. Black Sabbath-Greatest hits, T
2. Black Sabbath-We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll, T
3. Lorena McKennitt-The Book of Secrets, T
4. Black Sabbath-Paraniod, C
5. Black Sabbath-Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, C
6. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon, T
7. Rob Zombie-Hellbilly Deluxe, T(dubbed)
8. Jerry Seinfeld-I'm Telling You for the Last Time, C
9. Alice in Chains-Dirt, C
10. Page and Plant-Walking Into Clarksdale, C
11. Jimi Hendrix-Experience Hendrix, C
12. Metallica-Kill 'em All, T(dubbed)
13. Hole-Celebrity Skin, T
There are also stuff dubbed off my brother's much more extensive music collection.
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