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"Tech Vests" outlawed at Michigan High School

In Belding, Michigan this past month, the reigning principal decided to bend the school dress code to fit his own taste and outlaw "tech vests" inside "his" school. A multitude of excuses were given, including a reference to the Columbine tradgedy. Which, incidentally, no normal person would connect sleeveless coats with.

This principal has also suspended two female students for wearing socks on their arms.

There are authority figures with this same "holier than thou" attitude all over the country. In a middle school just some 20 miles away from Belding, one teacher used racial slurs disciplining one student. In the same school, the Gym teacher was allowed to continue towards his retirement even though he had a repeated record of severe physical abuse towards his students. This must stop.

Bring Back the Witch Hunts!

In the late 1600's in Salem, Massachusetts, many were being killed for doing something as simple as gathering herbs in a field. Why? The fanatic "christian" leaders of the day said that this and many other acts constituted the person being a witch.

We look back at that today and go "how ignorant and closed-minded" right? WRONG! The same situation is happening right here in the USA. The only difference is that the people being charged with crimes actually are witches and warlocks, people who practice the Wicca religion. I must put special emphasis on the word religion also. Wicca is NOT a cult. In fact, it may be older than Christianity itself.

In West Memphis, Tennessee (in the South, go figure). Three teens were arrested for the gruesome murders of several young boys. There was absolutely no physical evidence linking them to the crime scene and the only confession was coerced by police. The teens listened to heavy metal music and practiced the Wicca religion. The public was, and still is under the impression that Wicca is Satanism. WICCA IS NOT SATANISM! It teaches respect for all life and condems murder.

Because of the lack of evidence, the occurence parallels Roman Emperor Nero blaming Christians for the fire in Rome that he started. The young men were obviously arrested because of their religion and nothing more.

Seperation of Church and State is almost dead in this country; especially in the South where the Southern Baptists controll almost everything. They call all unchristian religions cults because of the fact that they are not Christian. Freedom of Religion means ANY religion. Labelling a religion a cult does not mean that it's members do not have the freedom to believe as they wish. These pitiful occurences spit in the face of the Constitution and must not prevail in a free society.