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Great Places to Go

Elderly Instruments: A Great Music Store In Lansing, MI
Gibson Guitars: The BEST guitars in the world
Fender Guitars:
Ibanez Guitars: Really nice guitars, I own two
Jackson Guitars:
ESP guitars
Cort Guitars
On-Line Guitar Archive: Get ANY guitar tab

More Neat Places

Vexor's Website: A really great, very insightful website.
The Freedom Forum Online: A page dedicated to the First Amendment
Tripod: Free Homepages
Burning Scent-Sations: A really cool place where I live
UFO Abduction Insurance: These people AREN'T joking. They're SERIOUS!!!
Comedy Central Homepage: The official site of the greatest TV network on earth
Musician's Friend: GREAT gear CHEAP
Yahoo! Chat: Like anyone DOESN'T know what the URL is!
Why mTV sucks: A great commentary. READ IT ALL!!!
Guitar Stuff Webring:
Derrick's Hole: My cousin's website
Cool Archive A really neat place where I got my logo
Rock Out Censorship
The Black Vault: Contains thousands of government documents dealing with UFO's
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