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Poetry Corner

This poem is from a e-friend of mine named Jenz. She's in my guestbook and is record #2. Her website is listed and I suggest you take a look at it if you are a Metallica fan. Anyway here's the poem:

~*Have You Ever?*~

Have you ever noticed that you have to sacrafice peace and love for happiness?
Have you ever felt that there is no longer that eternal bliss?
Have you ever needed someone or something in life so bad?
Have you ever been in love and thought you were so happy it makes you sad?
Have you ever seen a day your heart does not deny?
Have you ever cared for someone so much you thought you could cry?
Have you ever touched the lips of the man or woman you eternally love?
Have you ever caught a glimpse of their heavenly smile from up above?
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away?
Have you ever given everything in your life, just to make them stay?
Have you ever found your soulmate for always and forever?
Have you ever thought of the words but never say them...never?
Have you ever whispered those "three magic words" in their ear?
Have you ever told them something they didn't want to hear?
Have you ever said you're sorry but they just don't understand?
Have you ever lost yourself in their eyes and give anything just to hold their hand?
Have you ever realized that your true love is about to move on to another mate?
Have you ever kept the hurt and pain to yourself so others couldn't feel your hate?
Have you ever blown secret kisses as they walk by in the hall?
Have you ever wished that sometimes you weren't even born at all?
By Jenz