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The Y2K Scam

Well, the world welcomed the new millenium without blowing up just as I predicted. In fact, other than a few minor errors in charges to some people for various things, nothing happened at all!

The Y2K hypists are NOT HAPPY! They can't live with the fact that they were wrong, so they decided to attempt to induce another panic: The "leap year 2000" computer bug. This is even more rediculous than the first one. It states that computers will malfunction because on February 29, they think computers will try to set the date to the last 00 year divisible by 4, or 1600. WRONG!!! It doesn't mean jack squat to computers what the first two numbers of the date are!!! Why? Because computers don't really know (or care) what they are. This is THE most asenine theory I have EVER heard.

Many Y2K freaks will have us believe that the billions of dollars that was spent on computers was worth it. And because of THAT computers took the millenium in stride. But they fail to point out all the computer systems NOT "Y2K compliant" that took the year 2000 just as smoothly.

All this hype is just more proof that the media will do anything to incite a mass panic.

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